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Following a terrific campaign with the Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic has become one of the best and most sought-after players in the league, even though he hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to leave this current team. Luka was marvelous this season, being part of the MVP conversation at one point, becoming a finalist for the Most Improved Player award. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the prize but Doncic left the bubble as one of the biggest stories of the campaign.

Doncic is one of the most promising young players in the league at this very moment and even though the Mavs will try to do anything to keep him on board, the player will be linked with different teams if he keeps playing this way. It looks like this already started when Magic Johnson jokingly tried to recruit him to the Los Angeles Lakers, explaining that Anthony Davis would need another superstar by his side once LeBron finishes his career.

Johnson joined ESPN’s First Take this week to talk and celebrate the Los Angeles Lakers’ 17th NBA title. He explained that for Anthony Davis, the best option was to stay in LA rather than joining another franchise (1:33 minute mark).

“Anthony Davis now is known across the world because of the platform of the Lakers. Then, him and LeBron [James] next season, they could repeat,” Johnson said.

“You don’t want to leave here, and not have a guy like LeBron James playing alongside of you because the same thing that happened in New Orleans would happen to Anthony Davis again. They make each other better, and then last but not least, when LeBron retires, he just says, ‘here Anthony Davis, it’s your team now, you go on and lead the Lakers to the next five to six championships.'”

ESPN’s Max Kellerman mentioned a superstar that could join him and Magic loved that idea, telling Luka to join the Lakers when the time was right.

“That’s right, Luka come over to the Lakers, I like that, I like that,” Johnson said.

They just won the 2020 NBA championship but the work doesn’t stop for the Lakers. They want to create a dynasty once again and if they can’t with Bron and AD, AD and Luka will try to do the work and bring more silverware to the Staples Center.