After Nate Robinson was KO’d by Jake Paul on Saturday night, most NBA players and fans quickly started making fun of him, posting some interesting things on social media. That was the easiest thing to do, but now more players have come in Robinson’s defense, explaining why nobody should be making fun of Robinson. Gilbert Arenas posted an encouraging message on Instagram for Nate but he wasn’t the only one praising the 3x NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion.

Glen Davis also reacted to the fight without making fun of Robinson. In fact, Davis explained why what he was doing was more than respectable and admirable since Nate doesn’t have things figured out like LeBron James or other NBA players.

“I’m sitting here and watching all this bulls**t, shit people are saying and doing. It’s f****d, it’s really f****d up. At the end of the day, my man took on a different challenge, because of the lack of opportunity. Nate should be playing basketball, I should be playing basketball but the league has its own mind in a way they want their players to be seen. Nate shouldn’t be doing this shit but at the end of the day, we gotta do other shit to have the courage to step out and do something you never done before. (…) Everybody is not LeBron James, everybody does not make the right decisions with their money. Sometimes we do fall victim of the world we come from. This fight is a cry for an opportunity to help to put us in a situation to be different.”

He went after those people who were laughing at Robinson, explaining that the man was just trying to feed his family with that boxing fight. They were teammates and Davis has nothing but respect for Robinson, who earned a lot of respect for stepping on the ring and face a man with more experience than him. In the eyes of Davis, there is nothing to be laughing at. He went there, he was beaten but doing that requires a lot of courage.