The injury bug hasn’t stopped for the Los Angeles Lakers. Losing Anthony Davis and LeBron James to injury was rough enough. But only one game into his Lakers tenure, Andre Drummond has also gotten injured. The Los Angeles Lakers still have one roster spot that they can use, and perhaps they could sign some help for the roster.

The Los Angeles Lakers could definitely use some reinforcements who can play solid minutes while the team deals with its injuries. The Lakers have a few options they could go with. Perhaps they could sign a 3 and D wing to space the floor, or a center to hold it down while Andre Drummond and Anthony Davis get healthy. Here are some players that could help the Lakers right now.


5. Thon Maker

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Thon Maker was released by the Cavaliers on January 15th. Thon Maker isn’t necessarily the best option, but he is a relatively athletic center that can somewhat space the floor. Thon Maker could be a solid stopgap option that provides size and mobility on the defensive end.

If the Los Angeles Lakers go for Thon Maker, it could be a good opportunity for him to show that he still belongs in the league. Maker is still young, and still has a chance of being a capable NBA player. With a spot on the Los Angeles Lakers, he could prove that he can still hoop on the highest stage.


4. Dewayne Dedmon

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Dewayne Dedmon is a center that is more than capable of being a temporary option for the Los Angeles Lakers. Dewayne Dedmon is a solid defensive center that can also space the floor. If the Los Angeles Lakers do end up going with a center, then Dedmon is one of the best options currently available from free agency right now.

Dewayne Dedmon is a center who knows how to play his role. He would mostly get rebounds and protect the rim on the defensive end while shooting open threes and making easy inside baskets on the offensive end. Dedmon is a role player that can provide a little bit on both ends.


3. Wilson Chandler

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Wilson Chandler is a player who has spent some time in the CBA after his most recent NBA tenure with the Brooklyn Nets. Wilson Chandler is a wing player that can also fill other positions, and switch well on the defensive end. Chandler could play both forward positions and may be useful in a variety of roles on the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

Wilson Chandler is passable from the 3PT range: while he shot only 30.6% from beyond the arc last season, his 3PT percentage during the 2018-19 season was 37.3%. If he can keep defenses honest from the 3PT line while defending multiple positions, then Wilson Chandler could be a great pickup for the Los Angels Lakers.


2. DeMarre Carroll

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DeMarre Carroll has been a solid 3 and D wing for all of his career. He shoots 35.8% from beyond the arc for his career, and he could be a solid addition that can stick to his role. DeMarre Carroll is also versatile defensively, possessing the size and perimeter defense to play multiple positions comfortably.

DeMarre Carroll would give the Los Angeles Lakers a role player that can do the little things defensively, while also shooting it relatively well from beyond the arc. While DeMarre Carroll isn’t going to be locking up superstars, he can still play good defense and play a complementary role off the bench.


1. Otto Porter Jr.

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Otto Porter Jr. isn’t a free agent yet, but there is a good chance the Orlando Magic buy him out in order to fully commit to starting their rebuild. Otto Porter Jr. is an elite shooter who averages 39% from 3PT range this season. Elite shooters are welcome on all contending teams.

Otto Porter Jr. is an elite scorer who can provide great offense shooting off the catch. Otto Porter isn’t a top-tier defender, but he does well on the perimeter. If Otto Porter Jr. ends up becoming a free agent, then perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers could tempt him with the allure of a potential championship.

Porter’s efficient scoring would be a boon for the Lakers with all the injuries they currently have. His floor spacing will eventually mesh well with Lebron James when he returns, and he would be a solid pickup overall. Otto Porter Jr. has the most upside out of any player on this list and would fit the Los Angeles Lakers offense as a sniper who can finish the open 3PT shots he is given.


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