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Compilation Of Angry Balkan Basketball Coaches: Zeljko Obradovic, Dusan Ivkovic And More


Even though casual or younger fans may not know it, Balkan basketball is one of the best and most passionate and heartfelt around the world. People from the Balkan region are incredibly invested in basketball since a young age and they've given us some of the greatest international players of all time, let alone a lot of success at a FIBA level.

However, besides their toughness and basketball IQ, Balkan hoopers and coaches have made a name for themselves because of just how fiery they are, especially when things aren't going their way.

That's why a fan put together a hilarious compilation of angry Balkan coaches just losing their minds during timeouts and huddles, showing just how much they care about the game and that they won't tolerate a lesser effort from any of their players.

Just imagine if an American coach did something like this on the sidelines of an NBA game. Chances are that he'd be tossed by the referees and likely disciplined, but that's just another day in the office for European coaches and hoopers.

At the end of the day, every coach just wants the best for their team and it's frustrating to see them underperform when it matters the most. They live it as passionately as a fan because they're just so heavily invested in the game and the outcome.

As a matter of fact, NBA coaches should take a page from their books, or even better, more NBA teams should take a look at some European coaches for their vacancies, as they could provide a breath of fresh air on a league where everybody's trying to play the same way.

Also, it would be hilarious to watch coaches yelling at, say, DeMarcus Cousins or Draymond Green the way these coaches are screaming at their players: