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Instagram Model Isabella Clarifies Her Relationship Status With Bronny James

Instagram Model Isabella Clarifies Her Relationship Status With Bronny James

Bronny James has become one of the most famous names around the NBA community in recent times given the fame the young player has gained over the past couple of months. Bronny has become a brand outside his father, LeBron James, and the attention he draws is huge at this point. After he was apparently grounded by LeBron James, everybody went crazy. However, things went wild again when he re-appeared on social media, shooting his shot with a girl.

Instagram Model 'Isavbarr' posted a pic in recent days and Bronny was quick to comment, posting a crown emoji, implying that the girl was a queen. Fans were happy to see him back but they were curious to see what was going on with the girl and the player, too.


Well, Isabella has clarified what is happening between her and Bronny and is bad news for the 'young King.' During an Instagram Live session, the girl was asked about his relationship status with Bronny and she revealed they were just friends, disappointing all the fans.

When you're the son of LeBron James, everybody wants to see what you are doing, where, when and with who. Bronny would love to have some privacy but that's a little difficult right now. He shot his shot with this girl and things didn't work out.

Well, now he can focus on basketball and his career as a streamer or keep shooting his shot around Instagram. Whatever he does to make his dad proud would be great, except posting himself smoking on Instagram. That's just unacceptable.