Jayson Tatum And Draymond Green Hilariously Roasted Each Other In A New Subway Commercial

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Draymond Green and Jayson Tatum are both prominent players in the NBA, players with a solid following who could easily promote a product. Recently, both Green and Tatum collaborated on a commercial with Subway, the worldwide sandwich fast-food brand. We see Green and Tatum talk on camera about their favorite subs.

The subs themselves are a part of a Subway promotion, with both types of sandwiches being available to order online. The fact that there are NBA players promoting the sandwiches is bound to attract customers and could make this offer extremely popular.

The fun part of the commercial is when the two share a bit of banter towards the end. Jayson Tatum says that his sub can "put points on the board, unlike some other subs", while Draymond Green states that his sandwich has "more rings than your sub". This is a clear reference to real-life. Tatum's roast towards Green's sub references Draymond Green's low scoring, while Green's roast highlights the fact that Green has more rings than Jayson Tatum. Needless to say, such a fun commercial will appeal to many people, especially NBA fans who understand the references.

The sandwiches themselves don't sound too bad either. Having two NBA stars promote an already decent product in Subway is a recipe for success. There have been other celebrities that have had meals that were associated with them (McDonald's Travis Scott meal), and it seems like NBA players are joining the trend.