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Lakers Fan Trolls Jumbotron With Sexual Gesture

Lakers Fan Trolls Jumbotron With Sexual Gesture

Every NBA fan around the world dreams of attending a game at the arenas, supporting their favorite teams. This is something not many people can do and some fans take advantage of that. 

Some people take it too far, while others just enjoy the experience of attending an NBA game. Recently, one fan trolled the jumbotron with a very suggestive gesture. While the rest of the supporters around her were dancing and waving, one girl decided to leave a mark in the history of the game. 

The jumbotron spotted one Lakers fan waving his finger, just having a good time. Behind her, another woman waited for her chance and made an oral hand gesture after flipping the bird. 

This can be a fun moment or an embarrassing one depending on who you are. It's unclear if this lady had it all planned, but she didn't miss her chance to become a meme and go viral on social media. 

While some fans try to heckle players like LeBron James or Rajon Rondo, others just try to become a one-person show, like this girl. 

The Lakers won the match at the end of the night, defeating the young Cleveland Cavaliers 113-101 to tie their record 3-3. 

The NBA community can be wild sometimes, and this is another example of that. You never know what fans are up to until they get enough exposure to show themselves. 

**S/O Total Pro Sports**