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LeBron James Destroys A Heckler: "I Hope That Ain't Your Girl Next To You Because She's Filming Me. Bum."

(via New York Times)

(via New York Times)

LeBron James has demonstrated to be one of the most easy-going players in the NBA. He's very chill and is always down for a joke, but when you mess with him, James unleashes all his power on you. He is one of the most beloved players in the league for his fans but also one of the most hated by his detractors. When people see a chance of attacking him, they take it, but James is always ready to fire back.

Footage from LeBron's days with the Cleveland Cavaliers shows that you do not mess with this guy. He will retaliate and make you embarrassed by his comments. During a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, Bron was harassed by a heckler trying to trash talk him for his complaints during games and his hairline.

Fan: When you gonna stop crying?

LeBron: Shut up.

Fan: Where your hairline at? You lost Kyrie, you lost D-Rose. You can't keep a point guard for your life.

LeBron: I hope that ain't your girl next to you because she's filming me. Bum.

That was a great comeback by James and the fan seemed to get the message, as he stopped talking to the player. This was a great exchange but just like he does on the court, LeBron will go back at you if you try to mess with him. This fan learned that the hard way.

Moreover, we saw a video where a kid was messing with Bron's hair and the King wasn't having any of that. It looks like that is a very sensitive topic for LeBron and nobody can mention that. James made sure to humble the first fan and he probably educated the kid that was trash-talking him.

He is one of the coolest guys in the league but also a ruthless killer when it comes to trash-talking.