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Rajon Rondo Points Finger Gun At Fan, Fan Immediately Slaps Hand Away

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Rajon Rondo pointing at fan

The Los Angeles Lakers recently got beaten by the Phoenix Suns, and they now have two losses without a single win. There is no doubt that this was not a good start to season, and the game itself featured quite a few notable incidents.

We saw Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis get into an altercation that got physical. There's no doubt that tensions flared and things got heated while the Lakers were getting blown out.

Another notable incident was Rajon Rondo pointing a finger gun at a fan, with the fan immediately slapping his hand away. A lot of people have suggested that they were on the fan's side in this situation, as Rondo's hand was right in his face.

This is clearly not a good way to begin a championship run, and perhaps we'll see things improve as the team gets acclimated to one another. There is no doubt that there are a lot of new faces in the Lakers' locker room, and that it will take time for the team to build chemistry both on and off the court.

However, the Los Angeles Lakers having a record of 0-2 didn't stop the fans from making comments on the loss, with many of them clowning the Lakers for losing to the Suns. The Los Angeles Lakers will likely bounce back from their consecutive defeats though, as they have a lot of talented players on their roster. Perhaps things will end up getting better in Los Angeles.

It remains to be seen what ends up happening with the rest of the Lakers' season, but a team with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook should easily be a contender for the title. It's early in the season, and they have all year to figure things out.