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NBA Fans Find Out Who Was The Girl Who Dancing During The Clippers Game

Credit: rece_gorg

Credit: rece_gorg

The internet has no chill. They will leave no stone unturned until they reach the bottom of every single mystery they come across, especially if it's related to the NBA, one of its players, and their girls.

That's exactly what happened yesterday when the Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets faced off on a potential elimination Game 5. The Clippers were up in the series 3-1 and were looking to close things out early, jumping to a huge lead in the first half of the game.

Needless to say, the Clippers' family section was pretty hyped to see their friends and family thrive and most likely seal their trip to the Western Conference Finals for the first time ever, and one of the girls that were dancing caught the attention of a lot of people online.

Turns out that it was no other than @recegorg, one of Lou Williams' (who's known for having two girls) girlfriends. Obviously, it didn't take long before the internet detectives got a lead and found their way to the girl's profile.

Sadly for Recegorg, Lou Williams, and the entire Clippers organization, their party came to a sudden end when the Denver Nuggets were able to pull off a heroic comeback to force Game 6 on Sunday.

Lou Williams has been particularly off since the restart of the season. He's only knocked down 2 three-pointers in this series and the Clippers sure need another scoring punch off the bench to beat a resilient Nuggets team that thrives with their backs against the wall.

As for NBA fans online, they're likely going to root for the Clippers now on if that means they get to see more dancing. Way to go, Sweet Lou!