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NBA Fans In Awe Of Stunning Pics Of Taylor Rooks: “Taylor Rooks Is Top 5 Most Beautiful Women I Ever Seen.”

NBA Fans In Awe Of Stunning Pic Of Taylor Rooks: “Taylor Rooks Is Top 5 Most Beautiful Women I Ever Seen.”

Being a fan of the NBA, watching basketball games throughout the season feels great. During the said games from time to time, a few players might underperform, on the other hand, some might exceed expectations.

But how do you analyze the specifics of the same? Well, that's where NBA analysts and journalists enter the picture. Aside from dissecting the game, journalists also play a huge role in connecting fans to the players.

Be it through heated debates or organizing an interview with fans' favorite players, journalists and analysts play a crucial role in it. One such talented journalist is Taylor Rooks.

The 29-year-old currently provides her insights on Bleacher Report and Turner Sports. Apart from her keen knowledge of the sport, fans also tune in to admire her beauty. She is definitely one of the most stunning people in the business and NBA fans admire that.

On that note, the Bleacher Report journalist recently posted an image on Twitter, which left fans in awe of her beauty.

The post got an incredible engagement from fans. As of the time we wrote this article, the tweet had already crossed 28.8K likes. On top of that, 1800+ people have retweeted it as well. Anyway, fans expressed their awe in the comments of the tweet. Here are the best reactions to it.

Most fans appreciated how amazing Taylor looked in the white outfit, with some focusing on the place where she visited. As per the image, it looks like Rooks is in Iceland.

This is not the first time that fans have been mesmerized by Rooks's beauty. Last year, NBA fans also reacted to a stunning image of Rooks along with Joy Taylor. Similar to this image, the previous image was well-received by fans as well.