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NBA Fans React To Taylor Rooks And Joy Taylor's Hot And Beautiful Pics: 'Double Trouble'

NBA Fans React To Taylor Rooks And Joy Taylor Hot And Beautiful Pics: 'Double Trouble'

The NBA community can be tough when a player is underperforming and really loving when they see somebody proving themselves against the haters. We can see plenty of debates around the league every day. 

Some folks stir the pot whenever they can, stretching things to get a reaction from the rest of the fans, while others simply can't shut up when it comes to the NBA. However, there is one topic where they all agree and put the differences asides: women. 

They do love a good-looking lady, especially those involved in the world of sports. Fortunately, the NBA has plenty of talented women that know a lot about sports and can enchant their fans with their looks. One of the most famous almost broke Twitter recently when she shared a stunning pic on social media. 

Joy Taylor is one of the most famous sports commentators out there right now. She works on Fox Sports' 'The Herd' with Colin Cowherd and has her own shows, too. The 34-year-old recently went out in a ladies' night with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, another fan-favorite. 

When these two ladies teamed up, the NBA world almost collapsed. During this month, they've been sharing pics together, and fans can't get enough of them. 

"Double trouble," somebody wrote. 

"Beautiful women “beautifulling," another one said.

After Joy shared another pic with Rooks, the community went off, thirsting over them, comparing the duo to Shaq and Kobe, asking them to hang out with Maria Taylor to complete the 'Taylor Gang' and more. 

These two women are gorgeous. They are beautiful, and the fact that they really know about sports makes them very attractive for fans. The NBA community isn't immune to this and they showed that with all the comments they sent. 

They're constantly delighting fans with their interviews and pics. NBA fans really appreciate that and even asked them to make a podcast together. Who knows, perhaps these reactions open the door for the ladies to create a show together. Stay tuned, community.