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Wendell Carter Jr. Starving For Justina Valentine's Attention On Twitter

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Wendell Carter Jr. apparently isn't living a good time right now and has started showing how thirst he is on social media. The Chicago Bulls player made the headlines recently and not for the right reasons. He took to Twitter to express his desire to link with singer Justina Valentine but he did it in the most abrupt way.

He asked Valentine to 'check her DM' repeatedly, looking very desperate. He did the same with New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, who is currently recovering from an injury. He sent these tweets and everybody was surprised by them. Carter Jr. is not the most outspoken NBA player on social media and this really surprised fans.

Wendell then would reveal he was hacked, clarifying that he's not about begging people for attention, even less to tell them to check their DMs.

Instead of talking about him, Carter Jr. asked fans to focus on the 2020 US elections and think about something else.

This was an unfortunate situation and it's unclear if he was the one behind these tweets, but the jokes won't miss whenever we see an NBA player getting 'hacked.'