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Kevin Durant Is Not Happy With His NBA 2K Rating, Sarcastically Calls Out Ronnie 2K: "Why I'm Not A 99? This Has Become Laughable."

Kevin Durant Is Not Happy With His NBA 2K Rating, Sarcastically Calls Out Ronnie 2K: "Why I'm Not A 99? This Has Become Laughable."

Some would argue that NBA players should only care about their game, finding ways to get better and compete even harder for the only thing that matters, a championship. However, this is not feasible in today's day and age. Several things command players' attention, the least of which isn't how they're perceived. And while reading fan comments on social media is one way to do it, a more interesting marker for this is the ratings they command on each new 2K game. 

The latest ratings were released on Tuesday, with individual ratings for shooters, dunkers, and rookies catching the eye of NBA fans on social media. And it seems that while some players have every reason to be pleased with their ratings, others aren't exactly on the same page when it comes to that. 

Every season, some players don't agree with the way they've been marked on their skills. Some think they are better defenders, better shooters, or better overall than the game would suggest. It's a minor thing to be sure, but with players now having access to social media, they can use it to directly call out 2K for how they've been rated. 

Kevin Durant Called Out His 2K Rating For The Upcoming Game On Twitter

Say what you will about Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets superstar has never been shy to speak his mind. Despite all the chaos and turmoil that has gone on around his situation this offseason, he has found the time to call out Ronnie 2K for his rating, which he doesn't seem to like very much. 

"Aye @Ronnie2K I’m gonna need an explanation on why I’m not a 99? This has become laughable."

Kevin Durant is undisputedly one of the best players in the NBA at the moment; he has an unstoppable shot and a deep offensive bag. The Brooklyn Nets star may not have enjoyed the calmest offseason and may not be the most well-loved, but the one thing no one can take away from KD is his prowess on the basketball court, there aren't very many that even come close to him. 

Ultimately, nothing Durant says will change his rating, which seems to be a 96. The only comfort he can perhaps find is that even LeBron James has a rating of 96. It would seem that the time for a changing of the guard is coming closer. KD can do something about it though, next season provides an opportunity for him to prove the people over at NBA 2K wrong.