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LeBron James Is Jumping Above The Backboard To Make Dunks In NBA 2K23

NBA Fans Are Shocked After ESPN Underestimated LeBron James And Ranked Him Outside Of The Top 5 Players In The League

LeBron James' longevity is something never seen before, as the King keeps dominating on the court after 19 years in the NBA. Following another great individual season for Bron, everybody is still expecting big things from him in the 2022-23 campaign that will see the Los Angeles Lakers trying to be competitive again and return strongly to the playoffs. 

His dominance and consistency have been remarkable, and even video games show how incredible LeBron was and still is. NBA 2K23 is another example of this, as the King boasts a 96 overall rating for this year's edition of the game, making him one of the highest-rated players, and the highest-rated on the Lakers

Bron has been rated 94 or higher in NBA 2K for 18 consecutive seasons, which shows how special this man is. Of course, coming off a big season, this year wasn't going to be the exception, but it seems like the developers took things a little too far. 

LeBron James Jumps Above The Backboard To Dunk The Ball In NBA 2K23 

Recently, NBA Memes shared a little video of NBA 2K23 where one person is playing with LeBron. Things are apparently going normally, but once James' avatar gets the ball, he takes off and dunks the ball. This would be a normal play under regular circumstances, but this time, LeBron jumped really high to dunk the ball. 

The curious part about it is that he went above the backboard to make his dunk, which doesn't happen in real life. He's still explosive and can throw it down, but not at this level. 

It's pretty clear that LeBron James remains one of the best players in the world, and the video game too, but making a 37-year-old jump that high, as great as he is, doesn't seem so real. 

Still, this shows how respected and admired LeBron is around the NBA community. And this is not the first time we see odd things in NBA 2K. Once, Stephen Curry wildly blocked Giannis Antetokounmpo, so you know this isn't the craziest thing to happen there.