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The Top 10 Slowest Players In NBA 2K23: "Race Is Between Lopez's Brothers And Boban Marjanovic"

The Top 10 Slowest Players In NBA 2K23: "Race Is Between Lopez's Brothers And Boban Marjanovic"

The launch of NBA 2K23 has been one of the better-received ones in a long time. Having added things like the Jordan Challenge and decisively naming Giannis Antetokounmpo the best player in the game shows that 2K had a very defined sense of direction while creating this iteration of the game.

Ratings are always going to be controversial, no matter who does it. Considering the game rates individual players across so many metrics, sometimes it is hard to understand what makes a player good or bad in the game. Seeing who's rated where after the game comes out is one of the most exciting things fans can do.

The speed of a player determines a lot of things about how that player will be used on the floor. Slow players usually aren't a picnic, but the NBA is full of slow players that can dominate, and NBA 2K23 has given them all ratings on how fast they are or can be.

The Slowest Players In NBA 2K23

Speed is a crucial element when it comes to playing 2K. If you don't have the speed to burn your opposing defender and make a move to the rim or out to the perimeter, it can be extremely difficult to pull it off. Even though centers are usually the slowest, slow centers are impossible to use in situations of transition defense. Here are the players you may want to avoid having on your MyTeam if you're looking to have a  speedy lineup. 

T1. Brook Lopez - 25

T1. Robin Lopez - 25

T1. Boban Marjanovic - 25

4. Ivica Zubac - 26

5. Kelly Olynyk - 28

6. Alex Len - 34

7. Luke Kornet - 35.5

8. Walker Kessler - 36

T9. Bismack Biyombo - 36.5

T9. Rudy Gobert - 36.5

T9. Mitchell Robinson - 36.5

Credit: HoopsHype

Some of these players are very good in the game outside the speed attribute. Rudy Gobert is possibly the best paint presence you can have in the game, be it offensively or defensively. The man may be slow and can't guard the perimeter, but NBA 2K23 lets him dominate the paint fully. 

A lot of these players won't be used by many due to generally low overalls, like rookie Walker Kessler. However, many of these slow players are great paint defenders. Outside Gobert, even Mitchell Robinson, Boban Marjanovic, or Brook Lopez are great options to use if you just want size and defensive ability from your big man.