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The Top 15 3-Point Shooters In NBA 2K23: "Stephen Curry Is The King Of 3-Pointers With 99"

The Top 15 3-Point Shooters In NBA 2K23: "Stephen Curry Is The King Of 3-Pointers With 99"

NBA 2K23 finally came out on the 9th of September, and it has been getting some positive reviews. The Jordan challenge returned for the first time since NBA 2K11, and this latest edition also comes in with some improvements in various aspects of the gameplay.

Player ratings have been a hot topic of discussion ever since they got released last week, with Kevin Durant expressing his frustration at not being given a 99 rating. He wasn't the only unhappy star player, as Klay Thompson was furious about his three-point rating just being 88.

The Top 15 3-Point Shooters In NBA 2K23

For all of Klay's complaints, he is still tied for 2nd in the game for 3-point shooting, with only his splash brother Stephen Curry boasting a higher rating. In fact, we now know who are some of the best shooters in the game this time around, and here is a look at who you need to pick if you want to consistently drain it from beyond the arc.

1. Stephen Curry - 99

T2. Kevin Durant - 88

T2. Klay Thompson - 88

T2. Desmond Bane - 88

T2. Luke Kennard - 88

T6. Luka Doncic- 87

T6. Devin Booker - 87

T6. Joe Harris - 87

T9. Jayson Tatum - 86

T9. Trae Young - 86

T9. Karl-Anthony Towns - 86

T9. Cameron Johnson - 86

T9. Seth Curry - 86

T9. Mike Muscala - 86

T9. Doug McDermott - 86

Curry is the best shooter the league has ever seen, and he deservedly is well clear of the rest of the pack in this criteria. Durant and Thompson are tied for second, along with Luke Kennard, who shot 44.9% from beyond the arc last season, and Desmond Bane, who was at 43.6%. 

Karl-Anthony Towns was not happy that he wasn't among the top shooters when the ratings initially came out, but he has been given the best rating among the big men for 3-point shooting. Some of the other big names on here are Luka Doncic and cover star Devin Booker, both of whom got an 87, along with the returning Joe Harris, who shot 47.5% for the Nets in 2020-21 before injuries limited him to just 14 games last season. His teammate Seth Curry is one here as well, with the Nets having the most players in the top 15 with three, followed by the Warriors and Suns with 2 each.