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The 10 Best Dunkers In NBA 2K23: "Ja Morant And Zion Williamson Are Tied At 97"

The 10 Best Dunkers In NBA 2K23: "Ja Morant And Zion Williamson Are Tied At 97"

The 3-point shot has well and truly taken over the NBA, but there is still nothing that gets players and fans alike as hyped as a vicious slam dunk. It just seems to rejuvenate the entire team and someone getting posterized during a game goes viral almost instantly.

Those who play NBA 2K love themselves a good old-fashioned throwdown, too, and we recently got a glimpse of some of the dunks that Zion Williamson can perform in the game, as some footage came out of his motion capture session. It got fans excited and they don't have to wait any longer to try out Zion in the game, as the latest edition was released on the 9th of September.

The 10 Best Dunkers In NBA 2K23

It came out last week that Zion was tied for the highest rating for dunks along with Ja Morant at 97, with the two top picks of the 2019 NBA Draft making their mark on the game. We now know who else made their way into the top 10 for dunking, and there were a couple of surprise omissions.

T1. Ja Morant - 97

T1. Zion Williamson - 97

T3. Zach LaVine - 95

T3. Anthony Edwards - 95

T3. Aaron Gordon - 95

6. Derrick Jones Jr. - 94

T7. John Collins - 93

T7. Hamidou Diallo - 93

T9. Donovan Mitchell - 92

T9. Andrew Wiggins - 92

Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon, who dazzled basketball fans around the world in that iconic 2016 Dunk Contest, each got a 96, along with Anthony Edwards, who continues to make great strides early on in his career. Three of the recent Dunk Contest winners also make the top 10, as Donovan Mitchell (2018), Hamidou Diallo (2019), and Derrick Jones Jr. (2020) made the cut. Meanwhile, Obi Toppin, who won in 2022, and Anfernee Simons, who won the year prior to that, find themselves at 14th and 16th, respectively.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is one of the more ferocious dunkers in the league today, just missed out on the top 10 as he was tied for 11th with a 91 rating. LeBron James, meanwhile, got a 90 as he enters his 20th season in the league, which places him at 13th. The last two to find their way into the top 10 are Andrew Wiggins, who just had a breakout season of sorts with the Warriors, and John Collins from the Hawks.