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Video: Zach LaVine And Zion Williamson Star In Hilarious New Commercial Featuring NBA 2K22 And Mountain Dew

Zion Williamson and Zach LaVine

NBA players make lots of money through their contracts, but another great source of revenue for them is through off-court ventures, such as advertisements. There's no doubt that non-basketball avenues of income can be very lucrative, especially for players who are All-Stars. Starring in a commercial that features a prominent brand can be good exposure, as a lot of fans who don't necessarily watch basketball might be tuned in.

Zion Williamson and Zach LaVine have recently starred in a commercial which features them playing NBA 2K22 and drinking Mountain Dew in the process. It's certainly funny to see NBA players act on camera, and that combined with Zach LaVine and Zion Williamson getting roasted by the broadcaster in-game provide for an entertaining and enjoyable commercial.

While Mountain Dew likely won't help you get better at NBA 2K22, many people consider it a tasty and refreshing drink. Basketball fans love NBA 2K22 as well, and some have even claimed that "it has renewed the passion of many gamers and content creators". Overall, those two products are far from the worst options in terms of what one advertises. In fact, some would consider them some of the best, and it's certainly great to see two young stars take this opportunity to feature in this advertisement.

Both Zach LaVine and Zion Williamson will hope to make the playoffs with their respective squads, the Chicago Bulls and the New Orleans Pelicans. The Chicago Bulls had a monster free agency, acquiring former All-Star DeMar DeRozan and promising point guard Lonzo Ball. The New Orleans Pelicans didn't make any splashy moves, but they did acquire two great rotational players in Jonas Valanciunas and Devonte' Graham, as well as shipping out some of their bad contracts. Hopefully, we see LaVine and Williamson find success during the season.