25 Years Ago Today, Shaquille O'Neal Signed A 7-Year/$121M Deal With The Lakers

25 Years Ago Today, Shaquille O'Neal Signed A 7-Year:$121M Deal With The Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the NBA's most prized and valuable franchise. Residing in the city of Los Angeles, the franchise has been a staple of the sports world for some time, and superstars have practically lined up to don the Purple and Gold for decades now.

Exactly 25 years ago today, however,r marks a special date in Lakers history -- the day they signed Shaq to a 7-year, $121 million deal.

It was an insane payout at the time, and many fans were openly against paying that much for a big man who seemed out of shape and way in over his head.

But, just four years later, Shaq would team up with Kobe to usher in, arguably, the greatest era in Lakers history. They would win three Championships in a span of three years, one of which included a 15-1 run through four rounds.

Unfortunately, Shaq would end up leaving the Lakers after that, thanks to a rift that formed between him and his co-star, Kobe Bean Bryant.

Had they stayed together, who knows how much more they could have won?

Nonetheless, no matter how things ended, Shaq's arrival to L.A. marked a huge era for the Lakers, and one the fans have never forgotten.