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37-Year Old LeBron James Is A Better Point Guard Than Russell Westbrook And A Better Center Than Anthony Davis


LeBron James has been, without a shadow of a doubt, been the best player for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. With Russell Westbrook not working as a good fit, and Anthony Davis underperforming and getting injured, LeBron James has been forced to carry the load for the Lakers this season. 

This season, LeBron James has played plenty of positions for the Lakers. As their primary ball-handler and distributor, he is basically the point guard of the team, in the traditional sense of the word. But recently, he has also been playing as the Lakers' center, a role he is doing well in as the team takes a small-ball approach.

This has caused fans to question Westbrook and Davis. Recently, a statement garnering popularity is that LeBron James, at 37 years of age, is a better point guard than Russell Westbrook, and a better center than Anthony Davis. Given their recent numbers, this argument does hold a lot of weight.

NBA fans reacted to this post on Slam Studios on Instagram, mostly noting that there is a lot of truth to it. Some even pointed out that this statement being true speaks to the Lakers' poor form, especially from two superstars that make up their big three right now.

Facts 😂😂 n I'm a big fan of them 3😂

LeBron is the GOAT.

AD played better when he was naked in the locker room getting smacked up by his teammates

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russ hasn't even been playing bad😭😭

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What do you expect he’s the player in the league

Better PG than Westbrook, yes. Better center than AD, no. Better all-around player than either, yes.

It’s true. Whether MJ fans like it or not, in 20 years, LBJ will be considered the greatest ever.

Cap on the ad part he not better at center than AD at all any good big man is bodying bron

Always been a better guard than 90% of PG’s in the league so no disrespect to Russ at all but yes. Better center than AD? I’m spurts yes but y’all only going off recent bias. No not a better Center than AD.

Both false

Ad is A PF he shouldn’t be playing C damn play Dwight at C and leave Ad at Pf

Not AD, but Russ yeah

Y’all gotta stop this.

still ain’t better than MJ

The Lakers have benefitted from LeBron playing the center position, rather than players like DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard, who have proven to be ineffective when it comes to playing big minutes for the Lakers. The Lakers will play LeBron at the center position till Davis comes back.

As for Westbrook, his play has improved recently. But his turnovers are still an issue. In fact, Laker fans recently roasted him for being loose with the ball during the Lakers' game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. We'll have to see if Russ and AD are able to defy this statement.