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4K Footage Of Wilt Chamberlain Gets Colorized And Reframed And Shows Just How Dominant He Was During His Prime

4K Footage Of Wilt Chamberlain Gets Colorized And Reframed And Shows Just How Dominant He Was During His Prime

Because of how long ago he played, most fans forget just how dominant Wilt Chamberlain was during the peak of his powers. While his numbers and records have stood the test of time, they do not even come close to telling the whole story of just how incredible Chamberlain was.

Wilt redefined the NBA and became one of the cornerstones of the league during his career. He had stints with the Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, the 76ers, and the Lakers during his historic run in the NBA. And during that run, Chamberlain changed the game forever.

Chamberlain's game was so polished, something that was very rare among big men at the time. He used his incredible size, skill, and graceful movement to dominate the game in a few before were able to, and few have been able to do since.

But because of the era he played in, a lot of people did not get to witness just how magnificent he was in the NBA. Chamberlain played his best basketball during the 60s, and archived footage of his games from then are really low in quality, meaning fans wouldn't be able to see just how incredible Wilt was on the court.

All that changed when archived footage of Chamberlain was colorized and reframed and adjusted for 4K quality by YouTube channel Foobas Sports. This new footage shows in clear picture and color the supernatural things that Wilt could do on a daily basis.

Fans reacted to this footage, as reshared by Instagram page SidelineSources. Most fans were truly amazed that they got to see Wilt's unique and unparalleled dominance in the best quality possible. And they also realized just how much of a force of nature he would be if he had played in the modern NBA.

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Chamberlain's championship pedigree doesn't match up to his contemporaries like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell. In fact, Chamberlain slammed the idea that Bill Russell carried the Celtics to glory

Furthermore, Kareem Abdul- Jabbar even called Wilt a 'crybaby and quitter' after they fell out over comments that Wilt made about his success. Despite possibly falling behind his adversaries in the league, his numbers eclipse that of any player who has ever stepped foot on an NBA court.

To this day, Chamberlain holds the record for most points scored in a single NBA game with 100 and has 4 of the 5 highest PPG averages across an NBA season, including averaging 50 PPG in a season. It is more than fair to say that there will never be another player who will be able to put up the numbers that Wilt did.