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After Learning From James Harden, Joel Embiid Tried His Signature Step-Back And Traveled

After Learning From James Harden, Joel Embiid Tried His Signature Step-Back And Traveled

Joel Embiid and James Harden instantly clicked after the Beard was traded to Philadelphia last Thursday. Harden was swapped for Ben Simmons in a blockbuster deal, getting a new chance to compete with a legit contender, joining an MVP candidate in Joel Embiid. 

The Beard arrived at the facility at the beginning of the week, kicking it off with Embiid. Footage showed the big man and the guard practicing some moves, including Harden's signature step-back. 

While Sixers' assistant head coach Sam Cassell told Harden that Embiid was traveling, Harden tried to teach him how to do it with two steps and not four. 

It didn't take long for Joel to try that move in a game, as he tried to show his new trick against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night. During the Celtics' 135-87 blowout win over the Sixers, Embiid tried to pull off the move, but he still has a lot to learn. Referees didn't hesitate to blow the whistle and called travel in a shot that was blocked anyways. 

The Sixers had a terrible night, getting swept off the floor by the Celtics, who continue their sweet moment. The first time Harden rang the bell before the game, his team was dismantled by the inspired C's.

Harden won't make his debut until after the upcoming All-Star Game, so he'll have more time to train Embiid and teach him the move until the big man masters it. The Sixers are ready to show they can win it all this season, although the competition will be incredibly hard. 

This is considered the best one-two punch in the league already, and fans can't wait to see what Embiid and Harden can do on the court together. We need to sit and wait for showtime or another failed partnership for the Beard.