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Allen Iverson On Kobe Bryant: "He's Definitely On The Mount Rushmore Of Basketball Players."



Kobe Bean Bryant was a polarizing star. Besides his amazing skill and mastery of the game, it was his swagger, grit, determined state of mind that made him such a legend in the basketball community.

Even today, after his death, his name remains at the surface of basketball legend, and his legacy surpasses what most players could only dream of.

According to Allen Iverson, he's on the Mount Rushmore of basketball...

While Kobe may be below Kobe and Jordan on the court, he's right up there with them with the impact he had on the fans and the game as a whole. Bryant inspired an entire generation of people to chase their dreams, work for their goals, and never stop fighting.

Besides all that he was able to accomplish, it was his role as a mentor and inspiration to others that really set him apart.

Looking back, it's hard to argue that the legacy he left behind isn't among the greatest the basketball world has ever seen.

And for a guy like A.I. to say it, you know it has shot some truth.