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Allen Iverson Says Michael Jordan Called Him A 'Little B---h' The First Time They Met

Michael Jordan’s NSFW Greeting For Allen Iverson: “Wassup Little B**ch”

Credit: Getty Images

Michael Jordan was merciless when it came to trash-talking players. He didn't give a damn about who you were and that included rookies, as Allen Iverson revealed. During an interview with Complex in 2018, AI sat down to talk about several topics, including his idol MJ, who gave him a cold welcome to the league.

The Answer said Jordan went with everything on him during his rookie year, calling him a 'little bitch' the first time they met on the court.

"That was my guy, that was my hero," Iverson said.

Then, when asked if he talked to Jordan before the game, he replied:

"No. The first time I ever talked to him was that year playing in the rookie game. That was the year they did the top 50 of all time. I saw him walking and I'll never forget it because he said 'what's up, you little bitch.' I'll never forget it. I looked at him like 'alright man.' (...) And then I remember one time I was telling him how much I rocked with him and he was like 'man you wasn't rocking with me like that 'cause you wouldn't have crossed me like that."

Jordan, the GOAT, was also a victim of Iverson's killer crossover that made him so famous. At least he can say he made Jordan pay for his words.