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Allen Iverson Sends Messsage To Ben Simmons Amid Trade Drama

Allen Iverson Sends Messsage To Ben Simmons Amid Trade Drama

Allen Iverson may not be employed by the Sixers, but he is still widely respected and revered by both the fans and those within the organization itself. As a basketball legend and Sixers icon, he's a rather important voice for that community.

So when he mentioned Ben Simmons in a tweet on Saturday, there were many who took notice, especially with all that's been happening with the team right now.

Follow Gods plan and execute Lil bro @bensimmons... #PhillyUnite #BestFansInTheWorld :@alexsubers

Hilariously, Iverson actually tagged the wrong person in his tweet, tweeting at a Ben Simmons in the UK instead of the one who currently plays for the Sixers.

The message itself is rather cryptic, but it's pretty clear that A.I. is showing support for the young star. In the comments, Sixers fans weren't nearly as positive:

It has been some time since "The Answer" donned a 76ers jersey, but his loyalty and passion for the club remain firm to this day.

"I'm a Sixer for life. I got Sixer blood pumping through me. Everybody knows that I want to help that organization. I've been retired, what, 11 years? I don't know how I'm not a part of that staff, some kind of way."

Now we know where Iverson stands in this whole debacle: alongside Simmons, who is still a part of the Philadelphia basketball franchise.

Regarding the young star himself, nothing but silence has come from him and his camp so far. After a hard-fought battle to get himself out, he recently returned to the team and is expected to begin playing at the start. of the season.

Despite it all, Ben hasn't yet alienated the Sixers community. Iverson is just one of many who want to see the guy succeed.

But where he goes from here is entirely up to him, and nobody knows where his head is at right now.