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An Unseen Footage From Kobe Bryant's High School Prom: "His Classmates Were Really Some Haters"

An Unseen Footage From Kobe Bryant's High School Prom: "His Classmates Were Really Some Haters"

Kobe Bryant was one of the biggest NBA superstars that the world had ever seen. Although the Lakers legend received a lot of love from fans, there are always a few who hated him regardless of his achievements. 

Moreover, considering the fact that Kobe entered the league straight out of high school, he started to get on the list of haters pretty early in his career. But that didn't stop the Mamba from doing great things in his career.

Speaking of people spewing mean comments about Kobe, recently a fan dug out a video of Kobe's classmates during his high school prom. At the time, Bryant was seeing Brandy Norwood. Considering Norwood was also a teen sensation, it was evident that the media would swarm when she arrived at the prom with Kobe.

As a result, Kobe was unavailable to attend the prom on time. This led to his high school classmates saying some mean things about him. You can check the video below:

As it can be seen in it, Kobe's classmates seemed to go out of their way to make sure that people remember it wasn't just his prom, but of the other students as well.

While there is no harm in doing that, there is a way to express it without hating on a future NBA superstar. They didn't seem to care about that.

Although Kobe was an upcoming NBA player at the time, his popularity was already skyrocketing. It was obvious after seeing that Bryant came to the prom with award-winning singer Brandy Norwood, as we mentioned earlier.

The two didn't date for that long, but they probably ended things on a good note. When Kobe and his daughter Gianna passed away in an unfortunate helicopter incident, she paid tribute to them. Thanks to an article by Morning Picker, we learned that she initially had no idea who Kobe was.

But due to Kobe's nice personality, she said yes. Furthermore, she revealed that she still has her prom dress with her and remembers that date. 

With stories like these, we are once again forced to remember that Bryant is no longer among us and he left the world too soon.