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Andre Iguodala Says Stephen Curry Has Solidified Himself As The Greatest Point Guard Of All Time

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Stephen Curry Is Currently The Favorite To Win The 2022 NBA Finals MVP Award

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter ever, and there's no question that many people view him as a top-tier superstar. He has changed the very fabric of the game during his career and has inspired many around the world to pick up basketball.

While Magic Johnson is generally considered the greatest point guard of all time, Stephen Curry is someone that is viewed as No. 2 on that list. There are some that rank Stephen Curry over Magic Johnson though, and after this championship win from the Golden State Warriors, those opinions came to light.

Andre Iguodala has recently claimed that Stephen Curry has solidified himself as the greatest point guard. This is without a doubt a controversial take, even after this recent championship win. However, there's no question that Stephen Curry is creeping closer and closer to Magic Johnson the more he wins.

"Steph has solidified himself as the greatest point guard of all time."

Perhaps we will see Stephen Curry win more championships in the future. NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith has previously claimed that Stephen Curry could potentially finish with 5 championships in his career.

“What do you think the Warriors are going to be doing, sitting there and taking pictures? I think they’ll make some adjustments as well. I see the Warriors winning 2 of the next 3 titles. I’m thinking about Stephen Curry, I’m thinking about Klay Thompson, I’m thinking about Draymond. But I’m also thinking about Jordan Poole, I’m thinking about Jordan Poole, yes I’m going to bring up James Wiseman… I like their chances… I’m looking at the Golden State Warriors being at least 8 deep. And I see this team… I’m willing to say the Golden State Warriors are winning 2 of the next 3 titles. I believe Steph Curry will eclipse LeBron James and capture 5 championships in his career, while LeBron is still stuck on 4.”

We will see how well the Golden State Warriors do next year. There will be a lot of good teams who will be competing for the title, but they should definitely be considered the favorites going forward.

Hopefully, we see Stephen Curry continue to play at a high level for the foreseeable future. If this playoff run is any indication, he still has a lot left to give, and there's no question that he could potentially win another ring next year.