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Andre Iguodala Slams People Who Believe Kyrie Irving Is Not On NBA’s Top 75: “I Agree… He Top 20 At Least…”

Andre Iguodala Slams People Who Believe Kyrie Irving Is Not On NBA’s Top 75: “I Agree… He Top 20 At Least…”

The 2021-22 NBA season is of great significance for the league as a whole. The league is celebrating its 75th anniversary and has planned a lot of things to honor the players who have made it possible. One such thing is the All-Time NBA Top 75 players list.

Previously, a list of the first 25 players was released that made the cut for the NBA Top 75. Following that, the second 25 players were also unveiled. But in both segments, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kyrie Irving was missing. While the third set of players is yet to be announced, many believe that Kyrie doesn't deserve to be in that either.

This might be due to the recent drama that Irving has caused due to his stance on getting vaccinated. Since Irving has denied getting the vaccine shot and just sitting at home, he is on the receiving end of an immense backlash. But that doesn't mean that the 29-year-old is a bad player. 

If anything, he is one of the best modern-day players. Golden State Warriors player Andre Iguodala believes the same, and he defended Kyrie on Twitter.

"So y’all saying @KyrieIrving ain’t top 75? I agree… he top 20 at least…"

Iggy placed Irving in the NBA Top 20 list, which might be exaggerating it a bit. No offense to Kyrie's game, he is an amazing player and one of the most gifted hoopers we have ever seen. But what matters is how he uses it.

Since leaving the shadow of LeBron James and deciding to lead his own team, Kyrie has struggled to achieve the success he has longed for. He tried his luck with the Boston Celtics but failed. 

Currently, he is playing for the Nets, but he isn't alone there. With two other superstars like Kevin Durant and James Harden, it makes the job pretty easy.

Despite that, he should at least be in the NBA Top 75 list. He deserves that recognition. After all, first option or not, he still won an NBA Championship. That too, when all the odds were stacked against him and the Cavs in the 2016 NBA Finals.

Maybe we will see his name on the list when the third set of players are released? One can only hope.