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Anthony Davis Says Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan Are The Two GOATs

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis unintentionally chimed in on the GOAT debate when discussing why and when he decided to start using Kobe Bryant shoes. The 27-year-old player is living his best moment after capturing his first NBA championship a couple of weeks ago and he decided to talk with The Undefeated, alongside other players, to explain his decision and how comfortable he's felt using Kobe shoes.

When talking about the Kobe 5, AD said:

"It was a dope-looking shoe. I never played in low-tops before, so it was kind of scary for me a little playing in a low-top, but it was a perfect fit and lightweight. They felt great!"

Later on, he was asked about what he wanted to express with the shoes, Davis talked about his desire to represent the city of Chicago and Kobe, using a big word to describe them.

"I’m more of ‘wow’ guy when it comes to shoes. I want them to stand out. I wanted bright colors. It felt great to represent Chicago in a Kobe 5 – two GOATs. It was a great moment."

He also had the chance to explain what the sneaker means to him and how Kobe's legacy will be carried by him and everybody who uses his shoes.

"It was phenomenal before his passing and now they mean so much more. The legacy will always remain."

A couple of weeks ago, AD had talked about the GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James and now it looks like Kobe is part of that conversation alone with MJ.

“I’m from Chicago so I love Michael Jordan. All I can say is that it’s a tough-ass debate. Like you really gotta, we gotta speak facts. And he definitely made a case for himself by winning this championship tonight," Davis said after the Lakers won the 2020 NBA championship.

AD is doing everything he can to make the Black Mamba proud. He took the Lakers to win their 17th NBA title alongside LeBron James, having outstanding moments on the court. In fact, he made a game-winning 3-pointer against the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals, yelling 'Kobe' after he made that unforgettable shot. AD knows he has a big responsibility and he's embracing it.

He is the future of the Lakers, more so after LeBron James told him the team belongs to him now and Kobe's legacy seems to be fine with him.