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Anthony Edwards Calls Out The Timberwolves For Losing To The Pelicans: "Lock The F*ck In. Everybody Coming In Here Thinking It’s Sweet Playing The Pelicans. Whooped Our Ass."

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Anthony Edwards

The Minnesota Timberwolves are a team with playoff aspirations this year, as they have a solid team, with some great offensive players such as Anthony Edwards, D'Angelo Russell, and Karl-Anthony Towns. 

Being a playoff team generally means you can't blow matchups you're supposed to win. While they beat the New Orleans Pelicans earlier this week, the Minnesota Timberwolves have lost their latest matchup against the Pelicans, and they were simply no match for Brandon Ingram and Jonas Valanciunas. 

After the game, Anthony Edwards called out the Timberwolves for losing the matchup. He stated that everybody was "thinking it's sweet playing the Pelicans". Confidence is good, but that mentality can make a team get careless, which seems to be the case here. Edwards also classified the loss as a "wake-up call". 

Wake-up call for sure. Lock in. Lock the fuck in. Everybody coming in here thinking it’s sweet playing the Pelicans. Whooped our ass. Now our back’s on the wall again. We got to wake up.

There is no question that there is still a lot left of the season, and hopefully, the team manages to improve. Losing to the Zion Williamson-less Pelicans is a bad loss, but it's also something that can provide extra motivation to do well for the rest of the season.

There are plenty of people who think that Anthony Edwards could be an All-Star or a superstar in the NBA one day, and he'll have the opportunity to show people that he has made the leap this season. Edwards elevating his game will be key for the Timberwolves playoff aspirations, and his shot creation and three-level scoring will be important for them. He did put up 28 points and 9 rebounds in the Pelicans loss, and it's fair to say that the loss wasn't on him. Hopefully, Anthony Edwards can show the world what he worked on in the offseason, and thus far, he has been really good.