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Anthony Edwards Unsurprisingly Includes Himself On His All-Time Starting 5

Anthony Edwards Unsurprisingly Includes Himself On His All-Time Starting 5

NBA fans and players love to create imaginary teams, especially when they have the freedom to pick stars from different eras. When it comes to all-time starting lineups, things take a different dimension. Scottie Pippen named his all-time starting five, just like Carmelo Anthony, and they aren't the only ones to do so. 

Anthony Edwards recently joined this trend when he was asked about his lineup, and he had some interesting selections. Ant-Man knows the game and what makes a player great. During the premiere of Netflix's Hustle, where he participated, the Minnesota Timberwolves star revealed his five starters. 

Boasting huge confidence, Edwards picked himself as part of the team, while filling the rest of the lineup with legendary players. He went with Allen Iverson, himself, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Shaquille O'Neal. 

NBA fans reacted to his selections, joking about the fact that he picked himself over other all-time great shooting guards like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. 

Ant looks so HAPPY! Kid is a joy to the game and is confidence is supreme.

😂😂 we all knew he was gonna put himself

MJ took it personally

No Kobe or MJ 😂. Great GM

Where grant williams at?

Mike come get your kid

mj son confirmed

very ant answer

He forgot his dad, MJ


Dude has definitely played blacktop on 2k many many times

Peeps really getting salty with HIS opinion of a starting 5 🥴

Bro tried sneaking in himself💀

No cap that team sound nasty, even with him on the team it could be scary asl

NO MJ hmmm bold take

Switch him out for Kobe or MJ and that team is unbeatable

Funny he thinks he better than Kobe

This is the worst five I've ever heard

Thank god he is not a gm

He could’ve picked Kobe over Bron

No Jordan is nuts and also Iverson over Magic? hell nah

he thinks he’s jordan so put mj instead of him and that’s a pretty fair all time 5

That starting 5 is going nowhere fast

As usual, Edwards had to put himself among the greatest to play the game and while many criticized him for that, others celebrated his confidence. This kid is already doing great stuff in the league and nobody knows how high he can finish his career. It's great to see that he has high expectations of himself, but now it's time to back that up with good performances. Perhaps, at the end of his career, he will be selected for some of these teams, but we have to wait awhile until that moment.