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Antoine Walker Says One More Championship Will Put LeBron "In GOAT Category With MJ “

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

LeBron James' quest to become the greatest basketball player who ever lived is still ongoing. Despite his overwhelming dominance and shining resume (4x MVP, 16x All-Star, 15x All-NBA, 3x Champion), it's fair to say James has not yet earned the GOAT title.

But it doesn't mean it's too late to change that and, according to former player Antoine Walker, all it would take is one more Chip.

"What would a title this season do for LeBron James' legacy?"

AW: "I think it starts that conversation again, put's him in the category with Michael and who's the GOAT in the league because he gets it with three different teams if he happens to win one with the Lakers this year. Then you gotta think about this year's gonna be a little bit harder because the Western Conference is so tough. I think right now, I'm thinking it's going to be Lakers vs. Clippers to get to the Finals so to go through them is going to be very difficult.

If he wins it this year now you start that conversation again -- that Michael Jordan conversation again."

No doubt, the biggest blemish of LeBron's career is the fact that he's only won three Championships. Jordan, Kobe, Magic, and Kareem all have at least five.

Unfortunately, time is running out for James to catch that number. At 35-years-old, Father Time is knocking at his door and his partner in crime, Anthony Davis, has yet to make a long-term commitment to the franchise.

Needless to say, it's now or never for King James. We'll see how he responds...