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Antoine Walker Shared A Rare Image Of Michael Jordan And A Very Young LeBron James Together

Antoine Walker Shared A Rare Image Of Michael Jordan And A Very Young LeBron James Together

LeBron James and Michael Jordan's names have been mentioned in the same sentence more often than probably any two other basketball players in NBA history. Since King James won his 3rd championship for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the GOAT debate has become a heated argument between fans who believe in either's case. But Michael Jordan remains at the top for most still. His 6-0 record in the NBA Finals remains untouchable for most. 

This had put something of a strain on their relationship, not that they were very close when LeBron was just a youngster. MJ shared a special relationship with Kobe Bryant, who was his successor in a lot of ways, but never quite had the same equation with Bron. Having said that, like any child growing up in the 90s, Michael Jordan was LeBron's hero, and he was even in the King's screensaver on his phone for a long time

So whenever a young LeBron James did get the opportunity to hang out with MJ, he was not against the idea. And while pictures from the era when camera phones weren't in every hand are rare, an excellent one of the two has found its way onto social media recently.

Antoine Walker Took To Instagram To Share An Amazing Picture Of Michael Jordan And A Young LeBron James

Antoine Walker had a pretty excellent NBA career, although many forget that he was good at one point. A 3-time All-Star, he played during MJ's era as well as LBJ's and had connections to both. He shared a photo of himself with Jordan and a very young LeBron on Instagram.


LeBron James, who often gets trolled for his receding hairline, can be seen sporting a full head of hair in this picture. Even MJ looks quite young, so this picture must have been snapped at some point during the early 2000s. While fans are constantly at each other's throats defending their favorite players and debating how they're better, it's evident that the players themselves have a long history of spending time in each other's company. 

The question of who the GOAT is has been settled for most people, a large percentage of fans consider MJ to be the best. But LeBron James' career is far from over, and the King is not the sort to just give up on that dream. If he can win 2 more titles, his case could very much become stronger. And if you told the young man in that photo that, even he might not have believed it.