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Bam Adebayo Says He Still Teases Jayson Tatum Over Block In 2020 Playoffs

Bam Adebayo Says He Still Trolls Jayson Tatum Over Block In 2020 Playoffs

Bam Adebayo made one of the best plays of the 2020 NBA playoffs when he blocked Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum to win the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Miami Heat would go to beat the C's in 6 games and that clutch block started things right for the Floridian team.

That was a big moment for the Heat big and he's still showing off about it, always trying to remind JT that he was blocked when everybody believed he was just going to throw the ball. Bam recently joined Duncan Robinson's The Long Shot Podcast to talk about a series of topics, including that magical play. The big man admitted that he's constantly trolling Tatum over that play (26:36).

“I haven’t forgotten about it because I low key still talk s— to J.T. about it,” Adebayo said with a grin. “A lot of us in my draft class grew up together. Like grew up playing AAU together, growing up playing against each other so we all know each other. So we all talk s—.”

That play was something else for Adebayo, who confirmed he was one of the best players in the bubble. He led the Heat to the Finals alongside Jimmy Butler and a lot of people believe the series against the Los Angeles Lakers would have been very different if Bam was healthy.

He's still young, he will have more opportunities to win a title and to make more incredible plays like the block over Tatum, probably the best block of the past season and one of the best we've seen in recent history.