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Ben Simmons' Defense Has Been Impressive This Season: Bradley Beal, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons might not be the best shooter in the NBA but he surely is one of the best defenders in the league right now. The young point guard is a very dedicated defender and he shows that every season. He's getting better season after season and he's ready to fulfill his potential with the Sixers this season.

Amid a season with a lot of pressure for Simmons and his team, the Aussie player isn't afraid of the challenge. His defensive work has been remarkable so far, going against talented scorers and actually stopping them. Simmons has faced Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal, Kevin Love, Markelle Fultz and more this season, always dominating them in their personal duels.

Simmons is considered the favorite to win the DPOY this season by many people and seeing his start of this season, that possibility gets bigger every day. The player still has things to improve on his game but there is no doubt that his defense is remarkable. Doc Rivers is expecting him to lead the team alongside Joel Embiid they're doing a good job so far, winning four games and losing just one.

Ben knows the pressure is big on him and the rest of his team and he's getting to work. The season is still young but this guy is hungry to win and he's willing to do anything to take his squad to the promised land.