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Ben Simmons Is Apparently Broke And Has Serious Cash Flow Issues: "He Spent So Much Money… He Buys A New Car Every Month."

Ben Simmons Is Apparently Broke And Has Serious Cash Flow Issues: "He Spent So Much Money… He Buys A New Car Every Month."

Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons has already seen his share of ups and downs in his short NBA career. After being one of the fan favorites, he turned them against him when he demanded a trade. Moreover, the way he has reacted since is simply unacceptable.

He is yet to even play a single game this season as the 25-year-old is sitting out due to mental health issues. While paying fines for each game that he misses. Now, it seems like Simmons' troubles are only going to increase. It is a well-known fact that Ben is paying heavy fines for each day he is sitting out in the middle of the season.

While it might not have affected him earlier, a radio host in Philadelphia, Howard Eskin revealed some pretty concerning facts about Simmons. The star guard is apparently going broke as per the recent word about his financial situation.

Via 94WIP's Howard Eskin:

“I was told by somebody very reliable he may be tapped out, broke. Cash flow broke. Because he’s losing so much money, but he spent so much money. 17.5 million dollar home, remember he has to pay taxes too. 17.5 million dollar home. He’s got two homes in the Philadelphia area, probably worth eight or nine million. He buys a new car every month, four or five hundred thousand. He just spends money like it’s nothing because he thinks it never ends. And the person that told, it’s very reliable that he has got serious cash flow issues."

He further said, "Remember this trip, he doesn't get paid for any games, so that's well over two million. He may have to come back. I don't want him to come back, stay broke...I thought he was going to be out the whole year, now he may have to come back just to get some money."

If this report is true, then it seems like Simmons is in trouble. To support his lavish lifestyle, he needs to come back to the league and get paid. Otherwise, he might stay broke at just the age of 25.

Moreover, the 76ers could use a helping hand as well. After a good start to the season, they have lost six out of their last eight fixtures in the absence of Joel Embiid.

Will Simmons return to the team? As things stand right now, he most definitely should.