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Ben Simmons Opens Up On Mental Health Struggles: "I've Had Some Dark Times Over The Last 6 Months."

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Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets prior to the trade deadline, after sitting out games for the Philadelphia 76ers all season. He should be a perfect fit with the Nets, as he'll be surrounded by a lot of shooting and other stars.

One of the reasons given for Ben Simmons not suiting up for the Philadelphia 76ers was mental health issues. It was reported that he was seeking "professional help" for those issues previously.

After Ben Simmons got traded to the Brooklyn Nets, many have implied that Ben Simmons' mental health issues weren't particularly serious, and there has been a lot of skepticism around his mental health. Ben Simmons has recently addressed the critics, and revealed that he's had some "dark times over the last 6 months".

They should be happy I’m smiling, honestly. I’ve had some dark times over the last 6 months. I’m just happy to be in this situation with this team. People are going to say what they want. They’ve said it the last 6 months.

There is no doubt that Philadelphia wasn't an environment where Ben Simmons could thrive. There were definitely times when the negativity from the home crowd ended up affecting Ben Simmons' play. The reaction from 76ers fans after his subpar playoff performance last season was also negative, and it's clear that Ben Simmons needed a fresh start on a different franchise where he could have less scrutiny. Hopefully, that can happen with the Brooklyn Nets.

There is no doubt that Ben Simmons is now in a good situation. He is surrounded by other stars, and he can excel in his role without needing to be a high-level scorer. Hopefully, we see him find individual and team success in the future, and it will be exciting for fans to see Ben Simmons play once again.