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Toni Kukoc Says Shaquille O’Neal Playing With Michael Jordan Would’ve Been The “Best Lineup Ever Assembled”

Shaquill O'Neal Tricked Michael Jordan When They Played One On One Before The All-Star Game

For decades, people have referred to Shaquille O'Neal as the most dominant big man of all time, while Michael Jordan is known for being the most dominant player in the history of the NBA.

So, would you imagine having both of them on the same team? How many championships would have they won?

Well, according to Chicago Bulls legend Toni Kukoc, having Shaq and Jordan playing together would mean having the best lineup in basketball history:

"(It would be) best lineup ever assembled.” Kukoc told Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson of Bally Sports, “It wouldn’t even matter who brings the ball up. There’s so much firepower there that I don’t think that there would be ANY team that would compete with them.” He added, “Wouldn’t be fair.”

Kukoc has a valid point right there. They'd have two historically dominant two-way players playing side by side. They could both take the ball up the court, finish inside, and force defenders into double-or-triple teaming them.

Shaquille O'Neal was the ultimate force of nature. He was bigger, stronger, and more athletic and skilled than everybody else on the court during his prime, whereas Michael Jordan was the ultimate competitor and most gifted scorer of all time.

Some people say that Kobe Bryant was the closest thing to Michael Jordan that we'll ever see. Sadly, we only got a glimpse of how good he could've been with Shaq as he wasn't in his prime when O'Neal made it to the Lakers. Still, they won 3 rings and made it to the NBA Finals 4 times.

So, I can only imagine how much of a force any team would've been had Shaq and Jordan teamed up at any point in time. It just wouldn't have been fair.