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Bill Russell's Message To Kobe Bryant In 2008: "I Couldn’t Be More Proud Of You Than If You Were My Own Son.”

Bill Russell and Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Bill Russell were two of the most beloved and widely respected athletes in the world. While neither of them is with us here now, their legacy and memory live on through the many lives they touched and the countless memories they created.

On one particular occasion, the two even shared a special moment between themselves during the 2008 All-Star game. In light of Russell's recent passing, fans have made it a point to look back and reflect on that encounter between two of the game's greatest.

"I watch a lot of your games," Russell said to Bryant. "You see, when I watch your games, I try to pick out what each player's agenda is and to see how well he's carrying that out. That's the way I watch it. So, seriously... I couldn't be more proud of you than if you were my own son and that's the truth."

It feels rare to see videos of players that are this genuine. That was a real moment between two legends that we wouldn't normally see. But thanks to the lucky cameraman who recorded that encounter, we got a glimpse at the mentality and spirit of two all-time great legends.

Even today, there's so much we can learn from the things they did and the way they acted both on and off the court. They both demonstrated and spread important values that have gone on to impact and inspire countless individuals around the globe.

And despite the age gap between them, they saw that in each other -- which is why they held such mutual respect. 

If only we could turn back the clock and see these two do their thing one last time.