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Bill Simmons Explains Why Kevin Durant's Trade Value Has Taken A Hit: "He's The One Guy I Feel Like He Cares So Much About His Legacy But Then Also Doesn't Care At All."

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Kevin Durant shocked the NBA when he requested a trade out of the Brooklyn Nets. The former NBA MVP was apparently upset due to the team not having a successful run in the postseason.

Despite almost two months of drama, Kevin Durant is yet to be traded. In fact, he won't get traded at all now. It was recently revealed that KD had a long meeting with Steve Nash, Sean Marks, and Joe Tsai, which resulted in Durant deciding to stay with the Nets.

Well, this was surprising since KD's trade request created a lot of drama around the league. Regardless, for now, our focus is on KD's technically failed request to get traded.

NBA analyst Bill Simmons gave a pretty much spot-on assessment of why the Nets couldn't find a new home for their superstar. In short, it was due to KD essentially sabotaging his own trade value via his actions.

Via The Bill Simmons Podcast:

"I think in a weird way he's sabotaged his trade value... He's 34 years old, people know he wants to leave. So it feels like we're in the 40 cents a dollar range. He's the one guy I feel like he cares so much about his legacy but then also doesn't care at all. Where it's like 'I just wanna play basketball,' but then he's on Twitter arguing with people who are criticizing him.

More often than not, it's hard to predict the actions of Kevin Durant. There are a lot of examples of that on Durant's Twitter account.

The result of KD's trade value getting tanked is that he will be playing for at least one more year for the Brooklyn Nets. With Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons healthy, too, the Nets might really dominate the East.