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Bill Simmons Says Kevin Love Is Pulling "The Carmelo" Right Now

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Considering Kevin love's current situation, it's easy to feel sorry for the Cavaliers' big man.

At 31-years-old, in the twilight of his prime, he's forced to play for an organization that has been lost ever since the departure of LeBron James in 2018. Love is in a situation where he has no hope of winning and no hope of ever re-living the glory days he once experienced a few years ago.

But, even for how messed up the situation seems, it's exactly what he signed up for. Even after the departure of LeBron James, Love re-signed a huge contract with the team knowing they wouldn't be very good.

Bill Simmons, in a post on Twitter, calls it pulling "The Carmelo."

While the details of what the Cavs told Love are still largely unknown, it must have been obvious to him that they were in no position to compete when he re-signed there.

Carmelo Anthony faced, arguably, a similar situation in New York. They were bad and, yet, Melo stuck around for years before finally demanding a trade not long after signing an extension with them.

Granted, there was much more going on behind the scenes there, but there are similarities.

Expect the Kevin love situation to reach an end at some point or another this season.