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Blake Griffin Opens Up About Concern Level For Brooklyn Nets After Losing 8 In A Row: "Very High."

Blake Griffin

When the Brooklyn Nets first assembled their big three of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden, many thought that the duo would win at least one championship together due to their talent level. They failed to win a championship last year, and it seems as though their chances of doing that this year are in serious jeopardy.

With their recent loss to the Denver Nuggets, the Brooklyn Nets have lost 8 in a row. There has been no team with a losing streak of 7 or more that has gone on to win the NBA championship.

Blake Griffin was once an All-Star, but now he's a role player that has joined up with the Brooklyn Nets in the hopes of winning a championship. He was recently asked about the concern level on the Nets currently. Griffin claimed that the concern level is "very high".

There is no question that the team should be concerned about their recent performances. It is definitely tough for the team to string together wins with James Harden and Kevin Durant being injured. Kyrie Irving is also a part-time player who is unable to play in home games, which makes things even more difficult for them.

Even though the Nets are struggling, it seems as though the front office will stick with this roster. While there have been some reports that have suggested that the Brooklyn Nets would be open to trading Harden to 76ers, it seems as though that won't happen, as coach Steve Nash has recently revealed that the Brooklyn Nets will not trade James Harden.

Hopefully, the Brooklyn Nets are able to figure things out. There's no doubt that this season has not gone the way that they had hoped, despite the talent level on the roster. There's still time for them to turn things around though, and perhaps we see that happen in the coming weeks.