Bobby Portis After Dwyane Wade Criticized His Work Ethic: ‘You Might Be A Better Player, But Don’t Ever Challenge My Work Ethic.’

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Although he's a pretty cool guy, Bobby Portis isn't someone you want to mess with. The Milwaukee Bucks star has come a long way, defying the odds since a very young age, becoming a key player for a championship team. 

He's always trying to get better, working and working every day to do so. He's one of the hardest-working players in the league, and Portis is very proud of that. That's why he took offense when former teammate Dwyane Wade tried to play down his work ethic, obviously hitting a nerve. 

In the 2016-17 NBA season, Wade called out some Bulls players' work ethic after a loss, which didn't sit well with Portis. 

Via The New York Post

“Wade finally says, ‘What’s up, Bobby?’’’ the NBA source said. “Bobby laid into him, saying, ‘You might be a better player, but don’t ever challenge my work ethic.’ He accused Wade of not working hard enough by not practicing.”

He really went at one of the best shooting guards in NBA history after receiving some criticism. Perhaps Bobby was young at the time, but he was ready to fire back to whoever tried to bring him down. 

After this incident, the young forward starred in a bigger one with Nikola Mirotic, punching the Spanish player in the face, sending him to the hospital. Those moments are part of the past now. Portis is an NBA champion after stops in Washington and New York. 

The Milwaukee Bucks found an outstanding player that helped them in the 2021 playoff. When Giannis Antetokounmpo was sidelined, Bobby showed up, helping his team whenever he got the call. As stated before, he came a long way and now is an NBA champion.