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Body Camera Footage Shows Police Tasing Jaxson Hayes For 'Resisting Arrest'

jaxson hayes

A couple of weeks after the news of Jaxson Hayes getting arrested saw the light, LAPD released the video of the incident, where the New Orleans Pelicans player shoved a police officer and resisted arrest. 

After somebody called 911 due to Hayes being 'loud and violent,' police made a presence at his girlfriend's house. The NBA player asked the officers who called them and why they were there before things escalated. 

TMZ Sports got the video and shared it with the world. The footage shows Hayes shoving an officer and being tased repeatedly after resisting arrest. 

The video starts with cops approaching 6'11, 220-pound Hayes outside his GF's L.A. house -- after a woman called 911, claiming she received "disturbing" texts from her cousin who claimed Hayes was "getting loud and violent," adding she was "scared and couldn't call the police herself."

Once on the scene, cops told 21-year-old Hayes they had to enter the home to make sure everyone was safe ... but Hayes objected.

Hayes eventually attempted to retreat inside ... but officers blocked his path. Police attempted to cuff Hayes ... and that's when the situation turned violent.

This situation escalated really quickly, and police officers didn't have more choice than getting physical with the player. Once he was on the floor, Jaxson claimed he couldn't breathe before being taken to jail. 

LAPD department now hopes the 21-year-old faces consequences for his actions. The situation could have gone a lot smoother for everybody, but things took a totally different route. 

He was charged with resisting arrest by the police, but the NBA is yet to make a statement on this situation. Fortunately, things didn't go further than this, but the moment must have been stressful for all parties involved. 

Last season, Hayes played 60 games with the Pels, averaging 7.5 points and 4.3 rebounds in 16.1 minutes per game.