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Bodycam Footage Reveals Delonte West Bizarrely Claimed He Was Jesus Christ, President Of The United States, And Better Than LeBron James And Michael Jordan During His Arrest

Bodycam Footage Reveals Delonte West Bizarrely Claimed He Was Jesus Christ And Better Than LeBron James During His Arrest

Delonte West has been stirring up controversy with his behavior once again. West was recently arrested after he was caught banging on the police department's doors while in an inebriated state. And now, bodycam footage from his arrest shows just how out of it he was.

Courtesy of TMZ Sport, the bodycam footage below of West's arrest has been made available to the public. In the video, West can be heard cursing at the cops and then making some bizarre claims and proclamations while being under the influence of alcohol. Please be warned, the footage is quite disturbing and difficult to watch.

West called himself Jesus Christ and the president of the United States. On top of that, he also said he is better than his former teammate LeBron James, and also the great Michael Jordan. West also proclaimed himself the best athlete to play any sport in history as he was being cuffed and restrained by the authorities.

"I'm Jesus. You just gave up your chance to go to heaven. I came here to save you, because I'm the president of the United States."

"N****, I was better than LeBron James. I'm better than Jordan. I was the best n**** to play every sport. Shut the f*** up!"

West has been struggling with addiction for quite some time. Last year, he checked himself into a rehab facility, with the help of his former team Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban. And it appears that he has once again relapsed and indulged in heavy drinking.

West's addiction is truly unfortunate, as no one should have to suffer the way he has over the last few years. And while he has made efforts to get sober, he is clearly still struggling with these vices. Hopefully, he can get the help he needs and get better as soon as possible.