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Delonte West Arrested After Banging On Police Department Doors While Drunk

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Delonte West keeps making headlines and not for the best reasons. The former NBA player hasn't had the best life since he stopped being a pro, entering a downward spiral that made him a homeless person wandering around the streets, looking nothing like a professional athlete. 

He's once again in trouble, this time with justice after starring in an incident with the police while intoxicated. Recent reports claim that West had a bad attitude toward cops, screamed many bad words, and more. 

Via TMZ Sports

Ex-NBA player Delonte West spent Tuesday night in jail after being arrested for an alleged drunken incident with cops, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

The former hooper -- who played 8 seasons in the Association -- was booked at 10:32 p.m. in a Palm Beach County, Fla. jail and was released at 5:46 a.m. Wednesday, records show.

According to an incident report, cops say West was initially stopped by officers after he was yelling and banging on the glass doors at a police station in Boynton Beach.

Officers say West was yelling and cussing ... while holding open bottles of beer and vodka.

In the report, cops say West tried to walk away from the scene, but he was ordered to stop and put down the drinks.

The officers say 38-year-old West initially complied, but then got up and put his hands inside his pants -- 'causing one of the cops on the scene to unholster their taser.

Cops say West then responded to verbal commands ... and was ultimately cuffed and arrested -- though officers note he "continued to be belligerent" in the back of a squad car.

Just when people thought he could get things back on track, West does something wrong again. Last year, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban picked him up at a gas station and took it to rehab

Cuban shared pics of Delonte doing better, which made people feel good about the progression of the former player. Now, however, we learn that things haven't gotten any better for the man. He's getting in trouble with the law and even though he was released this morning, this situation doesn't help him. It's really sad to see his downfall.