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Bradley Beal Has High Praise For Former Teammate John Wall: “He's Probably The Fastest Guy I've Played With, With The Ball.”

Bradley Beal Has High Praise For Former Teammate John Wall: “He's Probably The Fastest Guy I've Played With, With The Ball.”

The superstar duo of John Wall and Bradley never got a fair chance to prove their worth together. For one reason or another, the two didn't play a lot of games together in their prime.

Moreover, when Bradley Beal truly started to reach his prime, John Wall was traded to the Houston Rockets. Many believed there was a rift between the two stars, which allegedly played a crucial role in Wall seeking a move.

However, there haven't been a lot of facts to support these rumors. In fact, in a recent video, Beal himself cleared the air about that assumption. Beal said:

Via NBC Sports:

"It was tough, bro, because John is a brother—like, still to this day. I could pick up the phone and call John and if I need him, he’s here. And it's the same vice versa. We both hated that there was a picture painted that we didn't like each other, that we didn't like playing with each other. Us being young guys at the time…we weren't mature enough to just have a conversation. We would kind of read into it. 

So it's just kind of a silent, ‘Dang you feel like that? Nah, he can't feel like that,’ until eventually, it’s like, ‘alright now, boom, yo bro how you feeling?’ So once we had that conversation it was just, okay that's dead. It's just noise to kind of get us rattled or get us off our track.”

He continued, "I loved playing with John. John, I say to this day, is the best passer I've played with. He's probably the fastest guy I've played with, with the ball. The toughest part when we moved on from him was, he was injured. The toughest part was there was some stuff that went on in the summer that the front office didn't necessarily abide by… they were like, ‘Okay, we got it. We're done.’ It was out of my hands because I was coming to camp thinking John's ready to go. Boom, next day he's gone. So that was very tough and emotional because he never came back from the injury and we never got a chance for us to play."

Beal had nothing but praise for his former teammate. During his prime, Wall was a menace to opponents as he was quick as a fox on the ball.

Unfortunately, due to countless injuries, Wall's prime is over and he is in a tough spot in his career. He is no longer the superstar that he once was and is on bad terms with his current franchise as well.

Maybe fans might see Wall and Beal play again together in the future. But one cannot make any predictions as of now.