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Brandon Ingram Reportedly Yelled 'Sweep' To Lakers Fans After LeBron James Missed The Final Shot

Brandon Ingram Reportedly Yelled 'Sweep' To Lakers Fans After LeBron James Missed The Final Shot

The NBA is a business and often a cruel one, with many players getting traded as organizations try to improve themselves and get closer to winning the NBA championship. While everyone accepts this as a reality of the league's existence, players are not able to be as objective about these things, especially when they are the ones being traded. 

Brandon Ingram was part of the trade that saw Anthony Davis go to the Los Angeles Lakers in a deal also involving Lonzo Ball and Josh Hart. What made it worse was that the Lakers immediately won the title while Ingram and the Pelicans didn't even make it to the playoffs. So now that the Pelicans have passed LA in the standings, it's no surprise that Ingram wants to let them hear about it. 

The Pelicans defeated the Lakers on Friday night, firmly putting them behind the Spurs by almost 2 games. This was their 3rd win against the Purple and Gold this season, meaning that they swept the season series against LeBron James and his team. And after they sealed the 3-point win on Friday night, Ingram seemingly yelled out the word 'sweep' as he made his way off the court. 

Ingram had 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists, with him and CJ McCollum outduelling Anthony Davis and LeBron James. The Lakers had a chance to take the game to overtime but LeBron couldn't make the shot and this made quite the dent in the franchise's hopes of securing at least a play-in spot. 

Brandon is usually quite composed and measured in his behavior on the court, but very few things feel as good as sweeping the team that traded you away. The move seems to have worked out so far though, with Ingram blossoming in New Orleans and the Pelicans looking to start winning soon.