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Carmelo Anthony Is The Only Player With 27,000 Points But No Championship Or MVP Award

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When Carmelo Anthony retires, he will be viewed as a legend. Anthony is one of the best scorers of all-time, and his ability in the midrange area was well-known. While he isn't necessarily scoring like he used to, he is still a capable contributor on the offensive end, and there are nights where he looks like his vintage self.

It seems insane to think that Carmelo Anthony wasn't in the league for a while. Carmelo Anthony has clearly got some good years left in the league. Recently, he passed 27,000 points for his career, surpassing another legend in Hakeem Olajuwon. That made Carmelo Anthony the 11th player to reach that milestone. StatMuse has put out an interesting fact: out of all the players that have managed to score 27,000 points, Carmelo Anthony is the only one without a championship or an MVP.

Carmelo Anthony was an extremely capable offensive player in his prime, and it is a shame that he hasn't won an MVP or a championship. Players can't fully control whether they win either award: basketball is a team sport, and if you are losing, then the responsibility falls to everyone on the roster. While Carmelo Anthony has been on some solid teams, they were never good enough to win championships. This is a crazy fact for sure: many NBA fans would love to see Carmelo Anthony win a championship before he retires due to his iconic status in the NBA. Perhaps he will get an opportunity to do so in the future.